Ultimate Free patterns for girls list

 I am now releasing my Ultimate Free patterns for girls list!

I debated about doing this for a long time (as I want this blog to be focused on boy things) but ultimately I decided I wanted this list available for others to use. I will not be doing this page in images like the boy page (well I guess never say never ;-) I've been doing a bit more sewing for my nieces and I want to do more. I have created this list for my personal use but you are welcome to use it as well.

 Here is a small sampling of the things I have created with the patterns on the list.
Currently there are over 100 patterns listed for girls from dresses to shoes and I have a big list I will be adding to the page over time so check back often to see more.

I hope you enjoy this list and share it with anyone you think will enjoy it!


Kid's clothes week: 3 shirts, 1 mishap

Parker is feeling much better now and no one else is sick so it must be my lucky week!
 I managed to do 3 shirts for one for Broc, Preston and Parker, I even painted them! Although as you will soon see I had a major bump in my finishing the shirts :-/

 First up is Preston's I am very happy with how this freezer stencil turned out! I think he'll like it too. The only thing about freezer stenciling is I never know what to put on the shirt! I'm not one of those people who can come up with ultra cool sayings, even so, I'm pretty happy with this one :0)

 Then there's Parkers I LOVE this shirt soooo much! I should have probably done them all like this but then I hate matchy-matchy clothes on my boys, ya know? I think he'll be wearing it a lot this summer ;-)

 Here is where the trouble started... Maybe I shouldn't share my mishaps but I like to keep it real here on my blog. You see that weird sun/spider/sea-plant thingy? I mean really how could you miss it?! Anyways I had just finished the bike and was so pleased because it looked way good and then it happened. I dropped some fabric paint on it, grrrrr, so naturally I thought well maybe I can wipe it off....and that was a disaster! It just spread the paint everywhere and now it had smears all over! Thus I made a design out of the smears and mess. I don't know if looks cool or bad but it is what it is and I can't change it.

 On a good note the bike part looks awesome, right? And Broc is so easy going I know he'll wear it and think its cool, lol!

 This is how it was supposed to look with all three shirts looking perfect...

aannd this is what they really look like. Oh well! Three days down and a few more to go!

The pattern I used is the Flashback Skinny Tee


Free patterns for kids clothes week

I have 6 shirts all cut out to sew but Parker boy has been throwing up so I guess I'll get some time to sew tonight when the boys are sleeping. Something always happens during kids clothes week without fail but I'm going to sew something (i hope) by the end of the week!

In honor of this week here are 6 new Free boy patterns for you to sew up for your boys!

Sew an on trend pair of slim boys sweatpants with this FREE sewing pattern from Melly Sews and Blank Slate Patterns 
First is Mellys new slim sweats pattern! I love her patterns and this one is sure to be great too and its free can't beat that ;0)

Next are these adorable pants that go up to a size 14 kids! its in another language but looks like it has great instructions!

Brindle and twig have this trendy hoodie that is super cute goes up to a size 6!

Peek-a-boo patterns has a whole set, shirt and shorts for 2T-5T for FREE!

Need something quick? here is a 30  minute shirt pattern just for you!

reversible shorts
With all the summer activities sometimes your boy just wants to wear comfy mesh shorts, give him what he wants with this free pattern!

And I'll be back tomorrow with something to share...hopefully no one else gets sick (crossing fingers)!