Blog Goals & Valentines

With the launch of my new site I thought I would share my goals for this blog!
First my goals is to keep this one around, for awhile anyways, and share things that are not necessarily related to boys but just my sewing and crafting in general.
Second I will be posting when I have updated my new site with patterns and such here as well as at the new site (http://www.freepatternsforboys.com)

I am so excited about this change and I really hope everyone will be able to find more things to sew for their boys! With that in mind here are a few shirt ideas for the boy in your life whether he is a baby or grown man!

 This is the cutest shirt and the tutorial is really great too! Click on the image to go to the tutorial.
 These Mr. Bowlerman and Miss Charleston Tees are just too cute click on the image to go to the tutorial.
 I love this silly m,monster shirt and I bet your boy will too! Click on the image to go to the tutorial!
 Stenciled arrow tshirt
 This arrow shirt would look great on an older boy too! Click on the image to go to the tutorial.
 Skull and bones for Valentines? I didn't think it would work but it looks really, really cute!
 click on image for tutorial
 I LOVE this cute little tie shirt it would be perfect for Valentines! click on image to go to tutorial!

Also be sure to check out the new patterns listed on my new site!


Free patterns for boys- site

This has been a longtime coming! I have created a new site with the free boy patterns on it!
I will start blogging, on the new site, pattern updates that I add and I will be no longer be adding to the current list that I have here. A few reasons for this change is that I want people looking for the patterns to be able to see an image of each pattern before going to the site so I have done that. 
I feel like this is going to be a good change and will help; everyone find the patterns easier!
Go there and follow me on twitter, facebook, bloglovin, google+ and by email so you can get updates on when I add new patterns :0)


Grils in pink

 My sis in law sent me some pictures of the girls in their dresses and I just wanted to post them up for you guys to see! And to brag a bit about how stinking cute my nieces are ;0) I mean really Daisy's baby cheeks are delicious! June is the sweetest girl and if you follow me on instagram (@seemesew) you would have saw us playing dolls together, it was way fun!

 You can see this dress on Jun is a bit baggier than her Christmas dress but it still looks great and the fit really isn't bad... I'm just super duper picky.

This sweet baby has the longest and prettiest lashes she looks like a perfect doll! She is like a dream baby too and rarely cries, well not that I've heard anyways, momma might say something different ;0)